Welcome to Genetypes.com, the organization with a mission to unite our Global Tribe through Genetypal awareness and connection. Humans have more in common than not, and an ancient bond under the contemporary surface unites us.

To learn more about Genetypes, reveal which Genetype you are, and which Genetypes you’d like to connect with worldwide, read The You Code by James Sheridan.

You’re early to the party as we’ve only just started to build The Genetype Registry, so thank you for your early support for what will rapidly become a unique social network experience that includes Genetypal dating capability. Your early registration will work to your advantage as the registry gathers steam because members who register before the search capability is in place will get free priority placements to get noticed more.

To register, please complete the fields below. We respect your privacy and personal information. Part of the Genetypes project is to identify geographical, cultural, biological, and racial concentrations of certain Genetypes, as well as other research that may ultimately be used for the benefit of registered members, so we appreciate you completing all fields accurately.

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For the benefit of yourself and others, most of all, it’s important to enter your correct Genetype.

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    Genetypes and their Totems